Why should you train with me?

Thank you for visiting my business site. I've been a Personal Trainer for 25 years.


National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT 

NASM Advanced Certifications

Integrated Flexibility Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist 

Holistic Health Certification

 πŸ„ Holistic Lifestyle Coach -  Paul Chek Institute 

Flexibility Specialist

AutoStretching Institute

TRX Certified

I was a fat kid and I discovered fitness in my late 20s. It changed my life... and now I help other people on their fitness journeys and I truly love my job. I have studied with some of the greatest trainers in Fitness. My main objective is always meeting your needs and designing the best overall program for you. I start by listening to you. I find out your frustrations.  Your obstacles. We figure out what will actually work for you... and after I do a movement assessment, I design your program. Whatever your goal is, we will get there.

What is a "Holistic Lifestyle Coach"?

Certified by the CHEK Institute


I have spent hundreds of hours studying the CHEK method in Program Design, Nutrition, Energy systems, Tai Chi and all things that can effect change on the human body. CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches are specialists in wellness, stress management, and lifestyle coaching. 

Think of it as the plan for the other 23 hours you're not in the gym


I always knew that exercise itself, while a powerful tool, was not enough to truly change people. I needed more tools as a coach. I found the Holistic Lifestyle Coach certification as that missing piece to make a real impact. What I didn’t know is how much this work would change my own life as well as make me a much better coach, listener, and problem solver. 

The CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Philosophy


As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coaches, we become proficient in recognizing the signs and symptoms of poor health management in ourselves. With awareness and commitment to a life of well-being, we can authentically cultivate awareness, educate and provide growth for ourselves and others as a mean of sustainable health - the state of well being.

90% of all diseases are caused by mismanagement of Diet and Lifestyle factors.


As a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I coach each person to the creation of HEALTH and individual wellness on all levels.  

What are you doing out of the gym?


The time you spend in the gym is a small part of it. The gym will not erase a poor diet, lack of sleep or mismanagement of stress. 

Meet the 4 Doctors

Meet the 4 Doctors!

For optimal Health, you will meet the 4 Doctors in your own body and mind:

1) Dr. Happy

2) Dr. Quiet

3) Dr. Diet

4) Dr. Movement

You will have an action plan to talk with all 4 for your optimal health-mind, body and soul.  

Price List

I work with all budgets

How can I help you?

Guaranteed Results


Give me 3 months, I will get you to your goals.

25 years experience


I understand your struggles. I've worked with all populations. I know how to get you there.

Train smarter, not harder


I will design a program that ENHANCES your life and adapts to your lifestyle.  

More Questions


What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

We sit down for our first session which is complimentary because I only take on clients I can help. We will go over all of your health history (injuries, medical issues, etc.). Then we will go over your goals, the WHY and how. I will then look at everything you do when we are NOT training... to make sure there is nothing in our way to get to your goals. And, if this is all going well and I feel that I can help you... I will ask if you want to work with me. 

I ran the training department of Gold's Gym Venice "The Mecca of Bodybuilding" for 8 years and I have a large network of professionals to collaborate with if you have any special needs such as Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Anti-Aging Doctors and even food prep delivered to your door from zenfoods.com with exact calories based on your unique metabolic rate.

We are located at Shape 90291 - A private training gym

Easy Parking, Private and quiet location

Smart Fitness LA at Shape 90291

1411 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice, California 90291, United States


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